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Valentine Box

This Box Contents: 3 Vanilla
3 Raspberry Jam
3 Strawberry
3 Red Velvet
3 Dark Chocolate


The only thing that it’s beeter to say “I Love You” it’s to say “I Love You” with a box of macarons…
all our macarons are gluten free and made from almond flour from our special French French recipe.
It is always better to keep them cold and serve at a refrigerated temperature. Every flavor has a uniqu and Joyful taste.

Box size

15 Macarons, 20 Macarons, 25 Macarons

About Our French Macarons.

Quality Almond Flour From California

At Le Petit Sucre, we keeping on high standards that guide our business. Our ingredients come from a variety of areas: almond from California and Canada, all the fruit puree from the United States and Canada, We only buy and use ingredients that comply with the appropriate regulatory requirements for food safety. The Most Authentic French Macarons in Chicago from Le Petit Sucre French Macarons are a light, soft, and crunchy confectionery which leaves a tingling taste in your mouth. These single-bite sweets are only next to pure ecstasy when it comes to bakery desserts. They are meringue-based preparations with a rich filling of ganache, caramel or other flavors sandwiched between two soft, but crisp crusts made of almond and egg white. French Macarons are the new cupcakes in Chicago. The real French Macarons in Chicago comes from the trusted house of Le Petit Sucre. With specialist chef Susan Shay helming the affairs, we deliver the best French Macarons. Le Petit Macarons are available in 40 rich flavors every day, each one a pure delight when it comes to desserts or as an accompaniment to your evening coffee. Macarons Chicago is fast replacing cupcakes as the preferred choice of desserts.

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