Macaron Flavors

The Most Loved Macaron Flavors

The best part about the French Macarons is that there are a lot of flavors in it, each one a class apart. There seems to be a Macaron in every conceivable flavor. So, no one can ever get bored relishing them. Try a new flavor every time you get a chance to gobble it up.

Here, the expert Chef at Le Petit Sucre Ltd. has chosen the top Macaron Flavors as a guide for those who have just started trying out these little, cute French delicacies.

Lemon Zest Macaron

If lemon is your most hated fruit, the Lemon Zest Macaron is a missionary. It will start making you love the lemony-ness of the fruit. The lemony filling is not only bright in appearance, but light in disappearance! In other words, it will just melt in your mouth giving you a tingling, zesty feel. The lemony zing mixed with the almond and egg-white mixed crust is surely going to make you leave dissatisfied with just one. You may want to eat dozens.

True Chocolate Macaron

If bakers were poets, the Caramel Macaron would be their poetry. The chocolate filling inside the almond crusted meringues complement each other. It’s as if two musical instruments are playing like one and giving you the pleasure of two. Whether it is a ganache filling or simple French almond crusted Macaron dipped in the finest chocolate, they simply blend in with your evening brew of coffee.


If your olfactory senses lead your appetite, the lavender Macaron is the apt one for you. It has a flowery fragrance. The visual appeal of it is so feminine that girls drool over it. Lavender is a definite pick for the celebration of that special moment.

Orange Blossom

This one is a must-pick, for its filling gives a truly melt-in-the-mouth experience. You’ll be surprised at the speed at which it just disappears into the confines of your mouth! The best part about these Macarons is that they are not overwhelmingly tasty. They are just right to give you that feeling of pleasure and let you crave for more.


A favorite with children, strawberry Macarons draw out the dormant kid inside you. You’ll start being nostalgic and remember the time when you used to love having strawberry jam sandwiched between bread. This one is more addictive, though!


Almond is the most traditional and simple of all the flavors and has a universal appeal. The almond paste with the butter cream filling is perhaps what the French discovered eons back. It still makes mouths drool.


One of the hottest off the shelves, the coffee Macaron is desired by adults and kids alike. The creamy, crunchy, and soft feel makes eating it a completely different experience.

Whatever the flavor, the scrumptious collection of wholesale French Macarons from Chef Susan Shay and her Le Petit Sucre brand are the best in the lot. Chef Susan Shay is a master magician at experimenting and bringing out the best flavors in Macarons. With her culinary experience and Le Petit Sucre’s delivery excellence, they are fast becoming the most renowned name in wholesale French Macarons Chicago market.

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