Top Reasons Why French Macarons Receive So Much Love

Do you need any more reasons to like a cookie than knowing that is chewy, tasty, malty,crunchy, and elegant-looking at the same time? It’s the successor to the cupcake as the dessert for weddings, bridal gatherings, baby showers, and other such festive occasions. A single-bite delicacy made of pure ecstasy is how macaron fans describe it.

Still, if you want some reasons why people love it, here they are:

They Are Cute and Elegant Looking

A macaron is in every way more visual appealing than the cupcake. It looks heavy and cute with two crusty, perfectly shaped round meringue based layers which have fillings sandwiched in the center. The smooth texture of the outer crust made of almond flour and sugar is smooth and appealing.

It Is Just Plainly Put…Awesome!

Describing the taste of a French macaron is a gastronomical delight. When you deposit a macaron in your mouth, first you get the crusty and munchy top layer and then suddenly, you feel the caramel of ganache filling and then both alternates with the soft bottom layer to create a fantastic feel to the entire experience.

It Does Not Give You Guilt Pangs

You can visit a French Macaron supplier Chicago and gorge on more than one macaron. It is better than binging on a cupcake. A macaron has maybe 100 calories whereas a cupcake may have 4 times that. It is light on the stomach and easy to digest.

It’s Gluten-Free

Unlike other desserts and pastries, a macaron is free from glutens. Hence, it is safe for people with gluten allergy to consume.

It’s a Good Conversation-Advancer

Girls seem to just love macaron. So, if you are on a date and stuck at how to push the conversation further, take her to a Macaron bakery in Chicago and treat her to a macaron dessert and see her start gushing with joy. You also can join in the fun and make the evening memorable.

Making a Macaron Is a Specialist’s Job

This gives the macaron an aura of specialty, something that only the specially gifted can make.

Like Chef Sharon Shay – a culinary expert who specializes in French macarons. She is part of the Le Petit Sucre, a renowned name as a macaron supplier. Le Petit Sucre offers the best, soft and the purest of French macarons that you may have ever tasted.

Without compromising on the traditional process of baking it, Chef Sharon Shay experiments with different types of colors and fillings. Her ingredients (especially the chocolate ganache filling) are just simply, a cut above the rest.

Le Petit Sucre offers Chef Sharon Shay’s macarons through your neighborhood Macaronbakery in Chicago. With over 30 flavors and deliveries in 2-3 days, Le Petit Sucre is slowly gaining a reputation as one of the finest French macarons suppliers Chicago. As a macaron supplier, Le Petit Sucre adds color and business to your menu if you are a bakery and patisserie. You may not like the macarons by Le Petit Sucre, but you’ll surely love them!

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